A Brand from Australia

      Wild Field Health is an emerging fitness supplement brand under the Australian company Wild Stone Health, which promotes the concept of ‘various formulas for various physiques’. We aspire to refined formula while encouraging athletes to pursue a healthy fitness attitude by supplementing protein timely and appropriately after exercise.

      To be more specific, our products’ raw material comes from the world’s top dairy company——Fonterra Co-operative Group in New Zealand. And the production process is strictly controlled and supervised by the parent company in Australia so as to ensure the quality is tested to the world standard.

The Core of Our Brand Culture

       Headquartered in Australia, the country at the very front in biotechnology, Wild Field Health has constantly been concentrating on both the R&D in formula optimization and evaluation of the product performance. Upon the completion of the R&D process, we will disclose the formula to suppliers alone the production chain and ask them to comply with the manufacturing standard, as well as to conduct strict quality control. Thanks to the rigorous quality check, Wild Field Health can pass all kinds of safety inspections, and more importantly, provide consumers with safe and high- quality products.

      After years of studying in the physiques and tastes of Asian people, Wild Field Health R&D team developed a line of protein powder products targeting Asian consumers. With such products, the company successfully entered the Chinese and other Asian countries’ market, leading the new trend in the fitness supplement industry. All of these are motivated by the core of our brand culture and are inseparable from the aspiration to providing high-quality products to consumers. ‘Best only’ is not merely a slogan. Rather, it is the principle that guides the company ever since it was first established.

       ‘ Best only’ means the ultimate pursuit in all possible aspects, including understanding consumers’ needs and establishing a reputable brand. We will do the best we can to lead more people to a healthier way of life. What we advocate is to make fitness a way that leads to a healthy life and gets rid of the physical and mental burden brought by overload training and over nourishment. Fitness should be a life-loving attitude, the honing of one’s will power, and it should be the icing on the cake. Let us be the best partner alone your fitness journey, conveniently, and timely providing the nutrients you need after exercise.

       We will not forget the creed that has brought us here today and move forward accordingly. We will step up the R&D in optimizing formula and conduct strict quality control to provide safe and high-quality products that suit the consumers’ physique best.