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Market for Fitness Nutrition Products

       In recent years, more and more economists and official organizations have made statistical analysis and regression on the market size, share, and growth rate of the global sports nutrition industry. They all predict that there will be tremendous growth in the fitness and nutrition industry.

       Among them, the survey agency, Allied Market Research, released an industry report entitled “World Sports Nutrition Market – 2014-2020 Opportunities and Forecasts”, predicting that the global sports nutrition market will reach 33.6 billion USD by 2020. The total market growth rate will be 7% from 2015 to 2020.

       Currently, the global sports and fitness nutrition market is divided into four main regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and other regions. From the market situation in various regions of the world, the market value of the major developed countries such as North America has always been high. The market share of sports nutrition in the Asia-Pacific region is mainly from China, Japan, and India. Considering that the Asia-Pacific region, especially China, has a high population density and rapid economic development, the market has great growth potential in the future and is predicted to be the region with the highest growth rate.

        Consumers’ growing health awareness, rising incomes, and innovations in sports nutrition products are key factors driving market development. With the development of science and technology and the continuous evolution of communication channels, fitness has become a fashionable and healthy attitude for life. The appeal of “national fitness” has promoted the benign development of the industry to a certain extent.

 Wild Field Health’s Consumer Market

        With the strengthening of global consumer awareness of fitness in recent years, sports nutrition products have also attracted more and more mainstream consumers. In particular, the continuous attention of the fitness group to the healthy ingredients of protein powder has enabled our brand to gain recognition and trust from more and more fitness groups in a diversified market environment.

        Since the development of the sports nutrition industry, the product market has regularly changed from traditional products to special customized products. The Wild Field Health brand is the first to promote the nutrition concept of different physiques and different formulas. The multi-products comprehensively meet the various demands of sports consumers to increase muscles, maintain body shape, and recover after physical training. Our research and development team has developed a series of protein powder products that are more suitable for human body in different area and successfully entered the Asian and Chinese markets.

        Since the establishment of the Wild Field Health brand in Australia, the consumer market has gradually expanded and is now going global. Market channels through Internet platforms also reduce barriers when compared with traditional physical forms. They are bringing more convenience to our buyers. We believe that in the future, fitness, a healthy lifestyle, will become a global trend, and the capacity of Wild Field Health Brands in the sports nutrition market will be further increased, but what remains unchanged is that we will always focus on providing sports consumers with products of the best quality.