Cheetah Series(BCAA)

Branched chain amino acids are abbreviated as BCAA. It is essential for the formation of new muscles.


Brand:  Wild Field Health

Category:  Branched Chain Amino Acids

Be applicable:  Male or Female

Diet:  Gluten-free

Flavor:  Banana, Cocoa, Caramel


Product introduction

The Cheetah Series is supplements to essential amino acids, which contain the optimum proportion of leucine, isoleucine and valine.These amino acids cannot be produced by your body, so they must come from your diet, which is what we make this product.
The unique formula of the cheetah family contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism and normal energy metabolism. At the same time, it reduces fatigue and helps your body adapt quickly to higher training stages.

Product features

Branched chain amino acids contains essential amino acids, protein components and constitutes the structure of new muscle tissue. It’s very important for any fitness goal.
The Cheetah Series provides daily vitamins to help the immune system function normally, normal glycogen metabolism and reduce fatigue.