Koala Series

Product ingredients:Concentrated whey protein powder, marine fish skin collagen oligopeptide powder, inulin, konjac flour, food flavors, black tea powder and aspartame (phenylalanine).


Brand:  Wild Field Health

Category:  Whey Protein

Be applicable:  Sporting Female

Diet:  Low Sugar, Low Fat, Vegetarian

Flavor:  Milk Tea, Coconut Milk


Product introduction

According to the survey of relevant fitness institutions, female bodybuilders usually focus on their body shape and are also very concerned about the state of the skin. Exercise and fitness will cause the body’s nutrient loss. If you also have a diet control, it will easily lead to emaciation with sallow and dull complexion caused by malnutrition. Therefore, the Koala Series has improved and upgraded the protein powder formula to help the female sports group to shape the body while keeping radiant.

Product features

Our product uses the whey protein powder(Koala series)from the Australian brand-Wild Field Health and each sachet goes with 3g of cod fish skin collagen powder.While using New Zealand grass-fed whey protein powder,we also add 2g prebiotics(inulin) and konjac powder to form an easy-to-blend protein powder matrix formula.

This product does not add any bean protein ingredient,which can be used for people allergic to beans.

Preparation Method

Add skim milk or warm water to the cup (no more than 50°C, which will cause poor solubility), then put a sachet of protein powder into the cup, shake or stir evenly, eat and rinse the cup as soon as possible (high protein is easy to breed bacteria).

Because high temperature will make the protein difficult to agglomerate, affecting the taste and timing, please do not use boiling water.