OX Series

If your fitness goal is to accelerate your muscle gain, OX Series is the most appropriate choice. You can always get calories from this tonic product.


Brand:  Wild Field Health

Category:  The Gainer

Be applicable:  Sporting Male

Diet:  Vegetarian

Flavor:  Coconut Milk, Caramel, Mango


Product introduction

First of all, we need to understand the physiology of muscle growth, or how your muscles are developed after training. Training will stretch and tear muscles fibers. After that, your body will start a healing process, during which the damaged muscle fibers are repaired or replaced, and your muscles are enhanced. The OX Series is suitable for people who need to  accelerate their muscle gain.

Product features

The OX Series contains high-quality proteins and carbohydrates.Whether you’re trying to gain strength or weight, it’s crucial to create excess calories, which can only be achieved when your body is in a state of excess calories.OX Series can help you get the energy you need more easily.