Polar Bear Series

Whey Protein Isolate can provide essential amino acids, so that your performance and recovery are in the best state.


Brand:  Wild Field Health

Category:  Whey Protein Isolate

Be applicable:  Sporting Male

Diet:  Vegetarian

Flavor:  Vanilla, Coffee, Strawberry


Product introduction

Related studies have shown that sports groups in different regions have different physical physiques due to different eating habits, etc. The fitness groups in Asia generally have high carbon water consumption, and most people have lactose intolerance, so it is easy to appear when drinking protein powder. Digestive discomfort. In this regard, the wild field health research and development team is aimed at the quality of Asian human body, developed an innovative formula characterized by low-carbon water, zero lactose, high protein to meet the nutritional needs of fitness people in Asia.

Among them, the Polar Bear Series is suitable for man.

Product features

Our product uses the whey protein isolate (Polar Bear Series) from the Australian brand-Wild Field Health with its whey protein extracted from milk of New Zealand grass-fed cow. It is a protein powder formula that is easy to dissolve and high in bio-price,so as to meet your requirements for high quality whey protyein drink.

This product does not add any lactose ingredients and can be used in people who are lactose intolerant.