Source: Originated in Australia

 Brand Origin

       Originated in Australia, Wild Field Health is a high-quality sports and fitness nutrition brand under the Wild Stone Health Company. We are committed to creating the most suitable fitness products for sports consumers.

      The establishment of the brand is started with a small-scale research team in Australia. We carefully select whey protein from New Zealand’s Fonterra as raw material, strictly control each production process and details, and strive to bring high-quality products to consumers.

      In the early phase, Wild Field Health conducted a comprehensive investigation of the overall sports and fitness market and targeted the nutritional needs of sports and fitness participants. After collecting the information of thousands of users’ habitus and daily intake of nutritional information in various regions, we drafted reports with a thorough analysis of data and found a breakthrough for our brand. We have changed the brand position to think from the perspective of sports consumers, and to provide a comprehensive and healthy nutritional ratio for fitness enthusiasts, as well as to develop different series of products in accordance with the nutritional needs of different groups. Wild Field Health actively collaborates with experts in various fields to innovate and make changes that allow sports consumers to build new awareness and trust in us.

      From the very beginning, Wild Field Health has made breakthroughs in our products but always adhere to the original core of the brand culture, ‘For the best only’. The attitude of perfectionism has gradually occupied a certain share in the highly competitive Australian sports nutrition market.

      Nowadays, our consumer market originated from Australia has begun to expand to Asia and the world. At the same time, we are also actively cooperating with some top fitness nutrition research and development teams and experts in biology. It has become one of the most influential fitness nutrition brands in Australia and has won the recognition and favor of many fitness enthusiasts.

 Product Origin

 Quality Basic Raw Materials

       Since whey protein is susceptible to environmental factors such as the type of lactating cows and the forage grass, we carefully researched the dairy solution on the raw materials, carried out repeated tests, and strived to control the quality of the products from the source since the brand’s establishment. Finally, we chose to cooperate with the Fonterra dairy brand from New Zealand and selected a more effective subdivided whey protein variety for sports and fitness customers to ensure the best whey protein content, particle size, solubility and other indicators in the raw materials. These approaches help fitness clients maintain and improve muscle tissue.

      We use natural pastures to raise young cows to maturity and extract high-quality whey protein by physical separation methods such as microfiltration and ultrafiltration to ensure the protein particle size, content, solubility and other indicators. The complete cycle lasts for more than two years, and the refining process only adopts the physical refining process.

      Each sachet (30g) of our product is equivalent to the protein content of 80g chicken breast, 100g lean beef and also contains 4.8g branched chain amino acids. Whey protein is not only rich in branched-chain amino acids, but also has high bio-price that accelerates protein synthesis and reduces nutrient loss. At the same time, protein absorption is high after intake, which can minimize muscle loss.


Safe Product Quality

      After completing the selection of the source of raw materials for our products, it is also our focus to ensure the safety quality and the process requirements. As a local Australian brand, our production process and quality are tested by world standards in addition to the safety testing in Australia.

     Wild Field Health strictly controls the quality and safety of products so that consumers can choose with confidence.

 Tailored for Bodybuilders

      Since the establishment of the Wild Field Health brand, we have been based on meeting the nutritional needs of different groups of sports consumers: those needs reducing body fat, increasing muscle tissue, etc.

✓ The corresponding series for different gender sports groups

* Kangaroo Series

Because protein can promote muscle repair and improve immunity, Wild Field Health is suitable for sports and fitness groups, malnourished people, etc. Among them, the kangaroo series is suitable for most people. It helps the bodybuilder to shape their muscle and quickly replenish the protein needs after exercise.

* Koala Series

According to the survey of relevant fitness institutions, female bodybuilders usually focus on their body shape and are also very concerned about the state of the skin. Exercise and fitness will cause the body’s nutrient loss. If you also have a diet control, it will easily lead to emaciation with sallow and dull complexion caused by malnutrition. Therefore, the Koala Series has improved and upgraded the protein powder formula to help the female sports group to shape the body while keeping radiant.

✓ Innovative Formulas for Asian sports groups

     Related studies have shown that sports groups in different regions have different physical physiques due to different eating habits, etc. The fitness groups in Asia generally have high carbon water consumption, and most people have lactose intolerance, so it is easy to appear when drinking protein powder. Digestive discomfort. In this regard, the wild field health research and development team is aimed at the quality of Asian human body, developed an innovative formula characterized by low-carbon water, zero lactose, high protein to meet the nutritional needs of fitness people in Asia.

    In addition, we use prebiotics and dietary fiber in our products to help you to exert many physiological functions of beneficial microbial flora in the intestines, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and gastrointestinal motility, and facilitate body absorption. Formulations without soy protein also solve the problem of allergic to beans.