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        Lots of people know they should take in protein after exercise. But do you know why? Many beginners tend to choose whatever fitness supplements that are popular at the moment. Little do they know that those blind choices will only half the effort. Well-balanced nutrition is one of many key components of healthy fitness process.

       First of all, we need to understand the physiology of muscle growth, or how your muscles are developed after training. Training will stretch and tear muscles fibers. After that, your body will start a healing process, during which the damaged muscle fibers are repaired or replaced, and your muscles are enhanced. As a component of human cells and an important element for building up muscles, protein accounts for about 18% of the total mass of the human body. It is the basic material of life and the main performer of vital activities.

       On the other hand, glycogen is mainly stored in muscle glycogen, which can swiftly fuel the muscle contractions while working out. However, a long time, high-intensity exercise will deplete a large amount of muscle glycogen and will hamper exercise performance. So prompt muscle glycogen synthesis is of great significance to the post-exercise recovery. What’s more, studies have confirmed that to a certain extent, muscle glycogen synthesis can be stimulated by supplementing glycogen timely combined with replenishing protein after exercise. Therefore, the importance of restocking protein is self-evident—people need to take in a huge amount of high-quality protein that can be easily absorbed to help the muscles recover and grow.

Product Advantage: Why Us?

 Carefully Selected Ingredient: High-quality Whey Protein from New Zealand

         Similar to milk and milk powder, the quality of whey protein is affected by cows’ breed, the grazing environment, pasture and feed, and how the whey protein is isolated. Besides, the milky taste of whey protein changes if the cow that gives milk is in a different phase of lactation. Therefore, we have run tests for all categories of whey proteins isolated from New Zealand’s grass-fed cows and made our decisions based on pastoral, taste, particle sizes, protein content, solubility, and other factors.

Our premium whey protein from New Zealand will help curb hunger, maintain or improve muscle tissue.

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Fitness is an Attitude towards Life


        I have been working out for three years and kept encouraging my friends to do exercise regularly. Working out is neither for following the trend nor is it simply for the pursuit of beauty or slenderness since beauty is diversified. Instead, fitness should be an attitude towards life, a way to free yourself and to stay curious while building a strong body.

        As a young freelancer, I took up training to relieve pressure from work. Never had I imagined it could bring me so many surprises. Now, keeping fit has become an inseparable part of my life and different forms of exercise allow me to better control my body and improve my coordination capability. The more exercise I do, the more difficult postures I can do. And in this process, I constantly refresh the perception of myself, which is quite thrilling.

       Through years of fitness experiences from scratch, I have summarized some of the tips that may help you get started.

       First, an appropriate amount of energy intake before exercise will improve your load capacity. Second, doing different kinds of activities and having breaks in between will stimulate your body and rise the calories consumption level as well.   

       However, most beginners tend to overlook how important a balanced and nutritious diet is to keep fit. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight or shape your body, you need to adjust the nutrition intake according to your physique and exercise intensity. In essence, protein is an important component in the building of human cells as well as muscles. Therefore, we need to replenish a proper amount of protein powder to adjust body function.    

       After a period of fatigue due to insufficient protein intake, I started to learn about fitness supplement products, and then came into contact with the Wild Field Health, a protein powder brand from Australia. In addition to carefully selected raw materials and stringent quality control, they have also developed various products with diversified nutrients allocation to satisfy the needs of different sports groups. What’s more, the small sachet packaging makes it convenient to carry around and drink at any time. After having their products for some time, my body gradually picked up the fitness rhythm. Wild Field Health’s Kangaroo series has accompanied me ever since then.  Fitness is a positive and active attitude towards life. Join us and embrace a new way of living.


 You Need a Responsible Protein Supplement Plan after Excercise

 Andrew,30, Australian, professional fitness coach

       Actually, I came into contact with fitness in my early years. When I was young, I continued to tap my athletic potential. In college years, I focused my studies on human body energy consumption. And at the same time, I successfully obtained the qualification and became a professional fitness coach.

      I am glad to see more and more people start to work out. I notice that some fitness related advertisements are mongering anxiety by defining the goal of fitness as hysterical muscle building or weight losing, which amounts to putting the cart before the horse. The change in body shape is only one of the added value of fitness. The core value of fitness is to experience the joy that sports can bring about and get rid of the physical and mental pressure from work and life. Reshaping your body is a bonus and not an end. Above all, I would like to share with you some ideas about health and fitness.

      To start with, you need to choose a sport. I suggest that you should try out as many sports as possible at the beginning, find out the one that you are truly interested in and good at, and then learn about it in depth.

      Second, you need to develop good exercise habits. Know your health conditions and set limit, make exercise plan accordingly, and use your fragmented time to keep up.

      Third, you need to take in nutrition supplement based on your physical condition. When it comes to muscle building and post-exercise recovery, many people will neglect the importance of replenishing protein in time. In fact, all fitness enthusiasts should make it as a routine and be responsible for your bodies after exercise. Especially when you are on high intensity training, relying solely on daily dietary intake is insufficient.

       However, you should choose protein powder based on your body condition. There is a wide range of protein powder products and brands in the market, most of which focus on speeding up muscle growth. On the contrary, Wide Field Health from Australia puts themselves in the shoes of sports consumers by providing diversified formulas to satisfy different groups ‘needs, instead of eagerly pursuing a certain characteristic effect. At the same time, it has developed innovative formulas with zero soy protein and lactose, which solved the long-standing problems bothering those who have soybean allergies and lactose intolerance. What’s more, the company adds prebiotics into the protein powder to help with digestion and absorption.

       Last but not least, we need our willpower to overcome slackness. But at the same time, we also need to ensure our body is well nourished to keep up with the fitness rhythm. Working out changes my life as it gives me a healthy body and indulges me with huge enthusiasm towards life. Remember that doing exercise is never a burden. On the contrary, it is a way to ease the burden.